Seamless gutters are rapidly becoming the most popular form of gutters installed on homes today. Gutters can be made from steel, aluminum, vinyl, copper. Many types of are sold in short lengths and require many seams fastened with slip fittings. Each seam is a weak spot, and can gather debris and can be a potential site for leaks. The alternative to consider are seamless gutters. Seamless gutters must be fabricated on-site by a professional gutter repair and installation contractor.

The term seamless gutters or continuous rain gutters can be confusing because there are some seams in the system. The seams are located at the corners and downspout areas. These joints are connected securely and sealed for stability and leak resistance. The seamless gutter itself is continuous which makes them both strong and visually more appealing. Seamless copper and aluminum gutters are strong, tend to have less leakage problems and warping, and a larger capacity for water removal.

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