The gutters outside of your home are important for helping to manage water flow during rainstorms. This is why if you notice yours aren’t working properly, you should have them repaired as soon as possible. Some of the situations when our team at West Coast Continuous Gutters recommends calling in a professional are listed below.

– Fallen Gutter

If you’ve walked outside of your home only to discover that a gutter has completely fallen down, call a professional right away. While you might think you have to replace this, that may not be the case. In many situations you may be able to have the gutter repaired so you can use it for at least a few more years before it really does need to be replaced.

– Leaks

When a gutter leaks it can be frustrating and even cause water damage inside or outside of your home. Fortunately this is a n issue that contractors are used to repairing, so they will likely be able to take care of the repair in very little time. To find out, have them come over to do an inspection. In most situations they will be able to do the repairs quickly and effectively that same day.

– Storm Damage

Bad weather can cause mild to extreme damage to occur to your gutters. To beat this, call a contractor for help. In most situations they can patch up the gutters so they work like normal for months to even years longer. If the damage is too great, then they can help you with replacements so you can enjoy healthy gutters for the next season.

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