Continuous gutters are advantageous due to the fact that they require very little maintenance, are custom made, and come in a wide variety of colors and styles. If you’re thinking about getting these installed, you might be wondering when to get them. Some of the best times for installation include:

1. Your Old Gutters Destroyed

If your gutters are old and run down, you might be tempted to replace them with the same type of gutters. However, if you want better quality, then switch to continuous gutters instead. At West Coast Continuous Gutters we specialize in custom installation so you end up with beautiful results that are second to non. These last longer than traditional gutters and are designed for your home in particular.

2. Your Gutters Leak

Are you tired of having leaking gutters all the time? Stop the drips by Seamless gutters are designed with joints ONLY at the corners and where the downspouts are so you don’t end up with any drips! This can help keep you dry and make the outside of your home far more comfortable.

3. You Want a Refreshed Look

When gutters get old and worn down they can start to take away from the look of the outside of your home. With continuous gutters you don’t have to settle for a new material or even color that you don’t. They can be customized to your style of home specifically, as there are many different materials and colors available to choose from.

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